Climate & Weather Conditions

1.What can I expect the climate & weather to be like in the Andaman Islands?
The Andaman Islands, like other parts of the Andaman Sea enjoy a tropical climate throughout the year. The average minimum temperature is around 23°C and it seldom goes much above 30°C. Humidity is relatively high at about 70% to 90%, however with a gentle breeze blowing most the time it is still quite pleasant. You can expect some rainfall towards the end of May before the monsoon season, June and July. There is some rain on and off right through to November, which has its charm of its own and keeps the islands lush and green. Whole Year Weather forecast. Average Precipitation Number of years on Record: 123 years of rainfall YEAR Jan. Feb Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul .Aug. Sep. Oct .Nov. Dec. Cm 293 4 2 1 6 36 48 40 40 46 29 22 15.
Our main season commences in October each year. The southwest monsoon showers are over by September, and the weather presents an interesting mix of rain and sun. The island is lush and beautiful and arguably at its most vibrant in October and November. The farmland has a standing paddy crop on it (the second harvest of the year), the surrounding forest is at its greenest and the island is at its most alive as the villagers shrug off the shackles of the monsoon season. Nature is arguably at its best in these two months: intermittent showers keep the island fresh and green and the temperature remains pleasant, while the waters off our Bay turn calm and flat as by now that the Southwest winds have blown away. However, there yet remains the potential of rain in end November or early December as the Northeast winds blow briefly through the islands. The weather is normally very nice in December and January. Daytime temperatures are ideal. Although sunny, it is still somewhat pleasant, and night time temperatures are cool. In fact a light jacket or full sleeve shirt may be required in the evenings.
February and March are very settled, with the weather turning gradually warmer and the sea and sky both are at their bluest and clearest in the period. Summer comes with April and continues through the first half of May, with daytime temperatures reaching 36 centigrade, but cooler in the shade. The Southwest Monsoon normally arrives in the second half of May and continues through June and July and eases off after August/September – these months being very important to the paddy farmers who yield their first harvest then.

2.What should I wear in the Andaman Islands?
In all tourist resorts shorts and t-shirts are acceptable. This is also appropriate at night, though “smart casual” is preferred and more appropriate in some resorts. Carry flip flops for your comfort and when going for excursions always carry a towel and extra change of clothes. In the evening mosquitoes do come out and you are better off wearing something light with long sleeves and light trousers. Carry a mosquito repellent at all times. The mosquito menace is only there during dusk and then reduces considerably.
Travelers are expected to dress conservatively when visiting temples, shrines and mosques. It is advised that tourists cover their shoulders and wear dresses or trousers below the knee level and remember to take off their shoes before entering. Please remember that you are visiting a country of mixed religions and topless/ nude sun bathing or nude swimming is not very appropriate. Please respect this and cover yourself, even if you think you are all alone on a beach. Stick to cool cottons and fabrics that absorb sweat thereby reducing the chance of heat rashes.