Serene Surroundings, Lovely opaque emerald waters, mangrove forest, luxurious rooms and legendary service!!!

A stay at Silver Sand Hotels & Resorts promises all of these benefits and more. The next time you visit, you could leave with something even more memorable – Silver Sand Experience. So as you make your reservation with us, give our menu of experiences a close look. With personalized reviews for each destination, you could well have an Experience that stays with you long after your holiday ends. An experience that helps you discovers that the mind, body, and soul are in perfect harmony.

Port Blair – Historical Importance
Well preserved history!! It’s a historic site of immense importance in India’s freedom struggle. These Islands have lots of heartbreaking stories of thousands of freedom fighters in India, who suffered many cruel experiences during their life imprisonment period in the infamous Cellular Jail here. The monuments have been well preserved and the “Sound & Light Show” in the evening is an absolute “NO-MISS”. These places would give you the chills and may prick you to value what you have – Freedom!!! It’s a very nostalgic place for Indians, especially the ones during whose generation, India fight for independence. There are very informative guides here who guide you and provide you with every known piece of information they know.
Besides the Cellular Jail, there are many museums and art galleries in Port Blair that reveals the history and culture of the Island. The Samudrika Marine Museum showcases local marine life. The Anthropological Museum focuses on the islands’ indigenous tribes.

Havelock Island – Beach Lover
The beauty of the Havelock Island is BEACHES – golden, white, black and even pinkish sand with turquoise or emerald waters. Pick up your color of sand and waters! Small, big, secluded, family or nudist-friendly, on an islet or covered by nature, each beach in Havelock Islands is unique! Discover and Rediscover every time the atmosphere and the beauty of our beaches, where everything stay the same to keep the charm operating.
Scuba Diving, snorkeling, kayaking, sea walk are the highlights of the gorgeous Havelock Island. Glass bottomed boats provide a similar up-close marine life experience. Jungle treks and camping are popular nature loving activities, though the more delicate dispositional can choose to retire at our luxury resort, refuel with fresh coconut water and succulent, just caught seafood, which dominates every meal.

Neil Island – Slow Lifestyle
These days, life is so hectic! With everything happening at a breakneck pace, we often get unnecessarily stressed, which leads to our bodies aching and our mind and soul feeling unwell. Set your problems aside and take the time to unwind, chill out and embrace the little pleasures of the “slow life” with us at Neil Island.
A well-known destination for island-lovers, Neil Islands draws in tourists and those in search of serious relaxation with its convenient destination, a beach-side holiday. Holiday-makers can enjoy the luxury at Silver Sand, Neil Island & tempt their taste buds with abundance of choices on the menu card at the restaurant.
The different beaches on Neil Island, all with their own distinct personality and level of activity, further make it a great choice to be a “slow life” destination. Stroll along the winding beach as you enjoy the morning sunrise, work on your tan during the day and sip a freshly blended smoothie as you listen to the waves hit the beach… or just take the perfect selfie at your hotel pool—it’s all possible on Neil Island!

Wandoor – Village Life
Sometimes the most rewarding experiences in travel come when you interact with locals and get a peek into their lives. Village experiences are a perfect way to get off the tourist track and see something new. Wandoor is composed on the strings of beauty and a land endowed with a myriad of boons and bounties. The rural life here, untouched by the mighty hands of industrialization and much of the repulsive transformation of urban sophistication, offers a taste of paradise to travelers. It will further allow you to come across the rural part of Andaman and the reason behind its increasing popularity with the passage of time. If you want to see and experience the culture and traditions, then embark on the journey to Wandoor that still hold the glimpse of its rural form.
Take a break from your city life and dig deep into the land of peacefulness; farming and ancient customs still exists. You can witness the un-spoilt beauty of the area and its rich culture, traditions and simple lifestyle by travelling to Wandoor that have managed well to preserve all of it. Further, you can breathe in the fresh air, walk in the lush green grounds and spellbound at the stunning landscape & the Sea.