Getting Here – Wandoor


Getting Here

Wandoor is just a stone’s throw away from Port Blair (if you throw the stone 29
kilometers away). Very approachable, though. We promise!

Q. How do I reach Wandoor?

A. Once you reach Port Blair, the way to Wandoor is very easy. Wandoor is connected to Port Blair by road and is located at a distance of around 29 kilometers.
Pre paid cabs are easily available. Buses & Autos are also available outside the airport.
You can book the cab well in advance from the hotel.
cted to Port Blair by sea also.

Q. How much should I pay for transport?

A. A pre-booked cab would charge around INR 1200 while a non pre-booked cab would charge around INR 1500 from the airport.

An auto would also charge between INR 1200 and 1500 from the airport.

A bus ticket is around INR 25 per head. However there are 10 stops, so it would take you 1.5 hours to reach. Moreover the buses are often old and not the most comfortable, so keep the number of a cab service handy in case you decide to go for this option.

Q. Anything I should be careful about?

A. It is better to take pre-paid cabs from the airport or book the cab well in advance from the hotel. This will save you in case there’s a shortage of cabs during peak season.

Q. Should I book one way transport or return transport?

A. Multiple cab services are available in Wandoor. You can contact your hotel desk for help in transport booking.