Getting Here – neil


Getting Here

Board that ferry and get lost in a gripping conversation about island life. Let the
journey to Neil be as beautiful as the destination.

Q. How do I reach Shaheed Dweep (Neil Island)?

A. Travellers can choose between the slower, cheaper government ferry and the faster, more expensive catamarans depending on their arrival time in Port Blair as well as their budget.

Q. Should I go for a Govt Ferry or Private Ferry?

A. Govt ferries are cheaper, but slower. A trip from Port Blair/Havelock to Neil on a Govt Ferry would take around 2.5 hours and cost approx. Rs. 450 -600/- per person. Private ferries are faster, but more expensive. A trip from Port Blair/Havelock to Neil on a Private Ferry would take 1.5 to 2.00 hours and cost approx. Rs. 1000 – 3000/- per person

Q. Which Private Ferries are available?

A. Makruzz (Mak1, Mak2, Mak3), Green Ocean, Sea Link, etc.

Q. Should I book ferry tickets in advance?

A. Absolutely. There is a shortage of ferries, so getting a ferry last minute is difficult. It’s best to book 20-30 days in advance.

Tickets can be booked directly from the ferries website.

To avoid the inconvenience, you can ask us to arrange the Ferry for you. We will buy ferry tickets for a nominal fee. We request you to please tell us at least 15-20 days in advance. (Pre-payment for the tickets & Valid Indian Photo Id proof for Indian Nationals & Valid Passport for Foreign Nationals is mandatory)

Q. Should I buy a one way ticket or a return ticket?

A. It is suggested to book the return tickets also.

Just in case return dates are not fixed, tickets can be booked from Neil Harbour subject to availability.

Q. What are the ferry timings?

A. (Ferry Timing may change from time to time)

Govt Ferry Timings

Government Ferry Online Booking Is Not Available. Timings for Travellers Reference.

Havelock to Neil: 14:45 Departure 16:30 Arrival

Port Blair to Neil: 06.30 Departure 08.40 Arrival
Port Blair to Neil: 11.00 Departure 02.00 Arrival

Neil to Havelock: 13:00 Departure 14:45 Arrival

Neil to Port Blair: 08:45 Departure 11:00 Arrival
Neil to Port Blair: 16:00 Departure 18:15 Arrival


Havelock to Neil: 10:00 Departure 11:10 Arrival
Neil to Port Blair: 11:30 Departure 12:30 Arrival

Sea Link:
Neil to Port Blair: 10:30 Departure 12:30 Arrival
Havelock to Neil: 09:00 Departure 10:20 Arrival

Terms & Conditions:
• Correction of NAME is not permitted in ticket ONCE BOOKED. So please make sure for correct NAME.
• Reporting time should be before 1HOUR prior to departure.
• Passenger should carry a PHOTO IDENTITY CARD at the time of Check-In.
• Tickets are Non Transferable and Non Re-routable.
• Ticket will be valid only till the date of travel prior to departure.
• Carriage of Security Removed Articles will not be permitted in hand baggage eg: Nail cutters, Knifes, explosives, Inflammable etc.
• LIQUOR & SMOKING is NOT ALLOWED in the vessel by LAW.

Q. How to get to the hotel from the ferry port?

A. Cabs are easily available at the harbour. Pre booking of cabs can also be done from our reservation desk.